B3 POD : Emotional awareness

Being aware of your emotions and the feelings of others in your space is at times difficult. It can even be highly frustrating navigating the emotional mind field that is society. It takes a lot of self-awareness, to be able to identify another person’s state and adjust your projections accordingly. A difficult task maybe, but a highly liberating experience once you learn how to control your emotions and be mindful of other peoples.

The boys are not experts on emotional intelligence, but both are work in environments that require emotional sensitivity daily. Craig and Simon have a deep and meaningful about their struggles with understanding other people and managing their own emotional state.


In your movement, in your intent, in your life.
Simon and Craig break down why integrity is an important value in the gym and as a human.
From making sure you are hitting depth and crossing the line on your wall ball, and rounding down your DU count, to outright cheating yourself.
The boys go through why believe it’s important to carry yourself with integrity, in the gym, and how it’ll straighten your moral compass in the real world.


What is the hardest workout you’ve ever done?

After recently hitting A 200m sled push, Simon and Craig discuss what they believe is one of the hardest workouts they've ever done.
The boys then go on to talk about what makes a work out "hard" and talk about some of the hardest workouts in CrossFit. 

Let us know what the hardest workout you've ever done is...

Dr Tamara : Pain

Amazing episode with Founder of DISC, Dr Tamara Ghazi.

Tamara is a long time friend of the boys, and as you would imagine having opened 3 sports medicine clinics in the middle east, has a wealth of knowledge on health and fitness, particularly when it comes to pain management. 

Tamara goes deep and gives us a better understanding in to the causes of pain, and what the best ways to address it.

Amazing episode, we're stoked to have had the opportunity to chat with Dr T.

More bang for your buck.

Craig and Simon discuss three ways you can get more out of your training, without changing anything about your training.


Three really simple parts of everyday life, which you can improve slightly and have a positive impact on your training. You're training hard already, how do you maximize the effectiveness of you training without having to push harder or change your program. 

Have a listen, enjoy!

Nutrition. myths, mistakes, performance gains, dropping body fat and doing this long term.

The boys go deep on this past weekends CrossFIt games, if the games doesn't interest you, skip to min 25ish onwards.
Craig asks Simon a couple nutrition questions, myths and mistakes, how to make progress depending on what your goals are, and a couple of tips for each of those categories. 
Really insightful episode picking Simons brain, nutrition is such an in depth topic that could go so many different ways, this one makes a lot of sense and is very easy to digest. 

Enjoy, and give us thoughts!

CrossFit Games and making coffee at home.

This weekend the 2019 CrossFit games kicks off, Simon and Craig spend a decent chunk of time talking about what we may see with the new format. 
They then break down how to make the best cup of coffee at home (outlined below), as well as answer a couple of listener questions. 

Home coffee variables
- Water temp. Don't let it boil.
- Grind size. Depends on method of brewing but the finer the stronger usually
- Steep time. Again, depends on the method, but a french press 4-9mins, aeropress 1-2mins
- Grind your own beans. The oils evaporate quickly, coffee is best brewed with freshly ground beans.
- Stir the coffee with a non metallic object. Use a wooden object like a chop stick to stir the grounds.

Have a great week homies. 

What makes a good client?

What makes a good client? What makes a bad client?
Simon and Craig have trained a few people over the years, and have had their share of good and bad clients.
The boys breakdown what they think separates good clients from bad ones, and same for good and bad coaches.
Why the cost of fitness is important, and how you really do get what you pay for.
And obviously talk about coffee, a lot. 

Injuries, fitness myths, judging games athletes and a bunch of other chat

We got a little carried away with this one, haha.
This won't be the last time I say this, but this one was PACKED with goodies. Loads of valuable info, pulled from both of our experiences.
We spent the majority of the show talking about injuries and hot manage your training around being in pain, an dhow pain isn't always a bad thing.
We then broke down our favorite fitness industry myths, spoke about judging elite level athletes in competitions, discussed the benefits of doing the CrossFit level 1 as a non coach, and wrapped up discussing our favorite TV shows. 

As always, good chats with good coffee and sharing interesting fitness related information.


Daily challenges and the book that changed Craigs life, literally.

Simon and Craig have good catch up over a great cup of coffee. 
Inspired by the BASE 3 handstand Challenge, they talk about the power of daily habits and using a limited period daily challenge can be a powerful tool for developing new skills and creating positive habits. 

Tarek Take 2: Hot food and coffee places in Dubai, old man training.

This show is kinda split into two parts: hot food and coffee spots in Dubai, and training when you get older. 

First ever repeat guest, and great friend Tarek Roumie breaks down some of the best places to pick up pick food and coffee in Dubai
This is better than what you'd get from trip advisor or whatson, I promise. 
From places to go and work during the day, to best brews, cool food concepts and the best burgers. You just need to spend your next few date nights working through this list of food joints. 

Tarek is compiling his list as we speak and we'll share it soon.

Then we dived in to some training considerations to make if you are 40+ and looking to push training. We discuss volume and talk through some tips for how to get the most out of your training once you're "over the hill".



Oscar Motto : Coffee Godfather

WOW! Amazing chat with coffee guru Oscar Motto, founder of Flavour Nation.  
Craig & Simon took some new recording gear for a spin with Oscar in what ended up being an absolute banger of a show if you are a coffee drinker.
This show is packed with heaps of useful and interesting info and #funfacts about coffee. Oscar took us through everything from the origins or coffee, to the health benefits (particularly related to exercise) and even gave us some home brewing tips.

Highly recommend this one whether you're a speciality coffee connoisseur or you drink instant (we don't judge you, but should probably check out the website below).
We barely scratched the surface, so we'll definitely get Oscar back for another blast.

The two books Oscar mentioned: 

The Devil's cup - Stewart Lee Allen
Uncommon Grounds - Mark Pendergast

And remember, BASE3 will get you a 20% discount at

Enjoy guys!

GYM RULES : Head Honcho and First Lady talk through the BASE 3 gym rules

Craig and Em break down the BASE 3 gym rules to give you a better understanding of why these are important to us and for the community. 

This episode is jam packed with shout outs, announcements, and a lot of fun stuff going in the gym.
- Class size changes
- Weekend workshop, June 21st: Hinge
- Gym rules
- Listener questions for the First Lady

Make sure you go and check these guys out!
" BASE3 " will get you 20% off at

Have a great Wednesday.

John Britton : F45, pull ups, OG CrossFit

Craig has a chat with super strong Canadian, John Britton. John currently runs an F45 franchise in Dubai and shares many of the same views as us on where CrossFit came from and what it commonly looks like in gyms.

We get to know John a little better - his time spent learning CrossFit in Asia, qualifying for the Canadian nationals in weightlifting, getting really good at pull ups, and what's the best way to brew coffee.

This episode is littered with useful bits of training information.


Diego Centeno : Dubai CrossFIt Championship and the evolution of fitness in the middle east

Craig sat down with our buddy, Diego, to talk CrossFit. Diego gives his thoughts on the growth of Dubai CrossFit Championships and CrossFit in the region. He has been in the game for a long time and understands the industry well.

Diego has a valuable perspective and was happy to share his experiences and thoughts on the direction of CrossFit and fitness in the Middle East. 


BASE 3 PROGRAMS : Which is the best fit for you?

Craig was riding solo today. Whilst being super awkward and very repetitive, he shares with you his thoughts on the benefits of each of the programs offered at BASE 3 and how to choose which classes suit your training goals. 

Craig then goes on to discuss why some of the workouts seem unfinishable and how to go about scaling tough workouts. 


Lee Bradbury : Epic beard, knowledge bombs, running really far.

Lee. Bradbury. Utter legend. 

Had an amazing catch up with the original beard, Bradbeard. 
Many of you will have had the pleasure of being coached by Lee before and will fully support my claims of how much of a gangster he is. Lee dropped some knowledge atom bombs in this episode, as well as discussing his pursuit of pain via ultra endurance races. Lee is a smart and very respectable coach, with a lot of valuable knowledge, which he doesn't hold back in sharing in this episode. 

Lee and I have been homies since way back, and share many fond memories, so this was an amazing catch up for me, and I'm looking forward to the responses form the listeners. 
You can find Lee's books and training material via the link below, and you should definitely go and follow him on social as he has been dropping plenty of knowledge lately… and ‘cause his beard is epic.

P.s. This was the first ever Skype podcast we've done, so please excuse sound quality 

Tarek Roumie
Simon and Craig sat down with Tarek Roumie, founder of Athleat and discussed nutrition, convenience, marketing, motivation and inspiration. Tarek then flipped it on us and started asking us questions.

Tarek is a super humble guy and all around nice dude with a lot to offer. He's embedded himself into the Dubai fitness community and shares a bunch of insightful info.