BASE 3 PROGRAMS : Which is the best fit for you?

Craig was riding solo today. Whilst being super awkward and very repetitive he shares with you his thoughts on the benefits of each of the programs offered at BASE 3 and how to choose which classes suit your training goals. 

Craig then goes on to discuss why some of the workouts seem unfinishable and how to go about scaling tough workouts. 


Lee Bradbury : Epic beard, knowledge bombs, running really far.

Lee, Bradbury, utter legend. 

Had an amazing catch up with the original beard, Bradbeard. 
Many of you will have had the pleasure of being coached by Lee before, and will fully support my claims of how much of a gangster he is. Lee dropped some knowledge atom bombs in this episode, as well as discussing his pursuit of pain via ultra endurance races. Lee is a smart and very respectable coach, with a lot of valuable knowledge, which he doesn't hold back in sharing in this episode. 
Lee and I have been homies since way back, and share many fond memories, so this was an amazing catch up for me, and I'm looking forward to the responses form the listeners. 
You can find Lee's books and training material via the link below, and you should definitely go and follow him on social as he has been dropping plenty of knowledge lately. And cause his beard is epic.

P.s. This was the first ever skype podcast we've done, so sound please excuse sound quality 

Tarek Roumie
Simon and Craig sat down with Tarek Roumie, founder of Athleat and discussed nutrition, convenience, marketing, motivation and inspiration and then flipped it on us and started asking us questions.

Tarek is a super humble guy and all around nice dude with a lot to offer. He's imbedded himself into the Dubai fitness community and shares a bunch of insightful info.