The BASE 3 Performance program was created with the vision of preparing athletes for the sport of fitness. We are not trying to put athletes on the podium at the CrossFit games, but develop enough strength, skill, fitness in individuals to give them the confidence to stand out on the competition floor. The Performance program aims to build strength, and endurance as well as develop the sport specific skill requirements needed to perform in competition. Whilst trying to develop the overall fitness of our athletes, it is also our aim to keep them healthy and as injury free as possible, by managing intensity and prescribing ample amounts of accessory work.



Smart programming focused on developing athleticism and reducing weaknesses. Elements of the programming are individualized to give athletes some of the benefits of personalized programming but in a group environment. Dedicated skill work, not simply learning new movements, but learning how to execute during competitions. Frequent testing periods to ensure progress and that prescriptions are relevant.


A tight knit group of like minded individuals in pursuit of greater fitness. We are proud of the community we’ve created, and find it way easier to push ourselves when the person next to you is pushing just as hard, camaraderie through suffering. We are an easy going, supportive group that enjoys each others company as much as we enjoy suffering next to each other during a workout.


There is a reason people come looking for programs like performance. They either feel they have surpassed the levels of exertion demanded from regular classes, or are in pursuit of tougher challenge. Performance offers higher intensity through increased volume, exposure to heavier loads and through tougher peripheral conditions. This intensity is managed under the guidance of experienced coaches, and is offset by recovery and accessory work.


The main focus of the program is to prepare athletes for competitions. We do this by developing athletes physical fitness and mental toughness and by exposing them to competitive environments in training. Competition simulation weekends in the build to competitions and small throw downs provide athletes with experience and help build confidence. We plan which competitions we want to hit well in advance and periodize programming accordingly. We have a vast competition experience, and offer advice and strategy tips before and during competitions to enhance the athlete experience as best we can.


This system works well for multiple reasons. With 6 coached classes a week, athletes have constant access to feedback form experienced coaches. Athletes also have access to Craig full time, for 1 on 1 meetings and goal setting sessions, or even just to discuss training and debrief post comp. Athletes are put in to a very active private facebook group, where coaches and athlete share information, and resources, included weekly “what to expect” videos and training insights. A lot of the training we do is team based, this provides support and encouragement from peers, creating a team sport environment.


Full access to the program

AED 1470 p/month


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I have been in the fitness industry for what feels like forever. I’ve done the courses, read the books, put hours and hours in to understanding how to make people stronger, fitter and more resilient. From a very early age I learned the value of hard work, and that it is a choice, and that choosing to work hard, more often than not yields better rewards.

 When we created the Performance program, I wanted to give athletes a platform to be able to unlock their potential, provide them with all the tools and resources they would need to become stronger, fitter, faster, better. But what was more important was creating a no bullshit environment to allow them to do it in. The word community gets thrown around a lot, often with little meaning. I believe we’ve created something very special with the Performance program. You can’t hide from hard workouts, but when you’re doing them in a room full of idiots as hell bent on getting better as you are it is a little less daunting of a task.

 The program is largely built around being a well-prepared functional fitness athlete, you don’t need to compete to benefit from the Performance program. You just need to turn up, work hard, be coachable and not be a dick.

 My promise to everyone who joins the Performance program is that, as a coach I will always match the effort you give me as an athlete. I will continually strive to develop my-self as coach to be able to serve you better. I will always try to create a motivating, safe and most importantly fun environment, and push you to get as much out of this program as you can.

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I'm pumped to learn more about your training goals and aspirations so please fill in the form as best you can and I'll give you a call and talk about getting started.

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I’ve been a member of the performance program since its inception. I’m not only fitter and stronger than I’ve ever been, but a more mature athlete. I understand what my limitations are and what I need to work on. I’ve learnt how to execute workouts based on my ability, and can rely on my increased experience as well as my increased fitness.
— Dave
I’ve been doing CrossFit for four years and a half and I joined Performance classes at Base3 one year and a half ago. My personal goals were to improve my fitness level and get stronger. Craig’s programming and his coaching have been a real change to my training and not only my fitness and strength got way better, but my motivation, passion and confidence increased so much.
I believe that Craig is one of the most experienced and committed coach; he is very motivating and encouraging and always available for any problem; really like the variety and the challenge he puts in every single workout. Last but not least Performance crew is awesome, I enjoy being surrounded by amazing people that make every session super fun.
— Fed
focus on volume to improve overall fitness, whereas B3 PRF emphasis’s more on the individual’s goals, but is still delivered in a competitive/fun group setting. The fundamental components of the programming are carefully engineered months prior to being executed at the Gym, this is also coupled with the Coaches listening to how their athletes are responding. Based on their findings, adjustments are considered and training maybe altered. This is the unique aspect that B3 PRF are offering their athletes, as we can spend more time at the Gym training, and less time on the sidelines recovering, nursing injuries etc. On top of all this, it’s an awesome bunch of human beings to hang out with, and obviously I cannot recommend it enough!
— Luke


We're pretty lucky to have an awesome battleground to prepare in.


When are classes?

Classes are every weekday at 6am and 630pm, then 1130am on a Saturday we get everyone together for a big team workout.

Who writes the program?

Craig Harriman runs the Performance program, and writes the program. All of the BASE 3 coaches take PRF classes.

What do we do for a warm up?

Every day there will be a “wodify warm up” posted to wodify. This is an optional pre class warm up that takes care of the general warm up, allowing to warm up more specifically with the coach in class. The coach will always run you through specific a warm up when the class starts. If you have pieces you know are beneficial to you before you workout, then by all means fit those in before class.

What do we do outside of the program?

The program is a 6 day a week program. The expectation is that you commit to all 6 sessions as best you can. Other programs that run at BASE 3 don’t “speak” to the Performance program, so if you jump between classes, there may be conflicting movements. The only other coach approved additional work is the extra credit work that we send out weekly, giving you an extra opportunity to work on some weaknesses.

What is the extra credit?

There are 3 tracks for the extra credit program, Strength, Gymnastics, Fitness. The extra credit work isn’t for everybody, the PRF programming is usually enough volume. But if you feel you need a little extra work, we offer 3 options to help you develop. The intensity of this is managed and compliments the program. The extra credit will have recommended day on which to do it, and it is best done as a separate session from PRF class. PRF class programming needs to be the priority, extra credit should not take away from your efforts in class.

I’m injured at the moment, can I still join Performance?

Firstly, have you been to see someone? If it’s serious or has been bothering you for a while then you need to see someone.
All injuries are different as are all athletes, if you have a small tweak thats not debilitating then we can adjust programming to accommodate. If it’s a long term serious injury, like a post op, then you need to understand what your current abilities are and prioritize getting back to full health. We are happy to support you during this process.

Which competitions do you encourage?

There are a few comps on the PRF calendar that we encourage everyone to at least consider. The man ones being the regionally based ones like Battle of the east, Firestorm and Attitude. We then pick 2-3 online qualifiers through the year, to keep us focused and test your fitness. BASE 3 will have anywhere from 2-8 in house member comps through out the year of varying scale form out annual member throw down to intergym competitions to small PRF exclusive mini throw downs.

When does the programming get released?

Programming is released the day before, at 11am through wodify.

I have some very specific goals that I’m working on, will these be considered?

Goals are very important. It is important to have a higher motivation to be able to focus on when times get tough. The program will not directly revolve around any specific personal goals, but I am more then happy to sit down with you and discuss these goals and see how we can make sure you are working towards them.

When are rest days?

PRF rest days are on Fridays, but if you know you like to workout on a Friday, the make sure you choose a day during the week to rest. 1 day is always programmed as rest, if you feel you need more, we can decide which day of the week would be the best day to fit your schedule and strengths / weaknesses.

How do I start?

First thing first, fill out the above form and I’ll give you a call and we can have a chat about logistics and getting started. Then come down and try a couple classes, meet me, meet the crew, see what the deal is. Then once you happy and committed, depending on the time of the season, we’d encourage to complete some testing to give you some baseline numbers to use as markers during class. This could play out a couple of ways depending on where we are at in the year, and when the next testing phase is.