What is BASE CAMP?

Let us start by telling you what BASE CAMP IS NOT.

It is NOT a weight-loss program. Our belief is that, if you focus on living a healthy-a-majority-of-the-time kind of lifestyle, and get regular exercise, amazing body composition changes will happen as a bi-product, without you even thinking about it (whaaaaaaaat?!!). ON TOP OF THAT, you’ll also look and feel awesome, still enjoy the unhealthy stuff we all need from time-to-time, whilst secretly loving the fact that you’ve become “that weird healthy person” who does things like: takes vege sticks and hummus to a BBQ, decides to have a salad over fries, googles “sweet potato brownie” etc etc etc (the habits of healthy people are endless and vary from person to person). Health is a life-long project, and one of the most important things to implement and practice daily; we don’t do fad diets, and the only yo-yo we want to see is that small round toy on the end of a string.

Let us now tell you what BASE CAMP IS.

It IS a 12-week lifestyle project, focusing on introducing and implementing good exercise, good nutrition and good daily habits and decisions. Our aim is to (excuse the cheesy-ness) set you up with the tools to manage your own, and your families’, health. And not just while you’re doing BASE CAMP - we want the positive changes you make to be ongoing - we actually want this to change your life for the awesomer; and if you build a strong base of good health, the rest of your life improves.


Over the course of the program, WE will:
-       Explain what good nutrition is and how to implement it
-       Cover why we need regular exercise and how to implement it (with and without the gym!)
-       Discuss the concept of “being healthy” and what that includes
-       Reveal good lifestyle hacks and habits
-       Send out weekly emails with helpful information and habit implementation (we would say homework, but didn’t want to put you off!)
-       Hold monthly seminars that include a huge discussion component
-       Stay in touch via closed FB group
-       Provide you with a project manual with useful information, and with space for recording progress and notes

Over the course of the program, YOU will:
-       Be held accountable to achieve better health
-       Consider your current lifestyle and figure out what you want/need to change (we are all different after all)
-       Question everything (even if we don’t have the answer, we will find it!)
-       Record progress
-       Get fitter, stronger and faster
-       Improve your nutrition
-       Look better, feel better, do better
-       Meet some cool people (BASE 3 people are very cool)
-       Have a coach, a cheerleader or a butt-kicker, depending on what you need


Other important details 

BASE CAMP classes
Sun - 0600
Tue - 0600
Thur - 0600
Sat - 0800
+ any other BASE 3 classes 


5,000aed for the full 12 week course, including all classes, material and seminars  
(or 2,000aed per month)


Deadline for registration is the 27th of Jan, 2018


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