Do you trust me?

Do you trust me?
The plan for the 2019/20 season.

 As we approach what will likely be the end of the CrossFit competition season for most of us. It’s time to reflect on your previous years training and see how much progress you’ve made, set some new goals, come up with a plan and re-commit.

My reasons for asking this are not ego driven or because I fear you’re doubting the program. Not because I’m going to come up with some mad shit that doesn’t make any sense.
I just want to make sure you understand my intent with the direction of the program for the next year.

Last year, I had a solid plan, a mapped-out macro program that laid out every detail of every week from start to finish a year in advance. The season was set, and it was easy for us to plan. This year things are slightly different. We aren’t games or regional athletes (well most of aren’t, right Seham? ;-)), so the changes don’t reeeeeally apply, but it has created some disruption to the season.

Reflection and goal setting

Before we start a new season, I’d suggest sitting down and reviewing the season that has just passed. It’s always worth doing, so we can pat ourselves on the back for the goals we hit and re-evaluate the ones we missed. Once you’ve done this, I’d then suggest sitting down and doing some goal setting for this season. I’d love to be a part of this so if any of you want to have a catch up and do some goal setting, let’s go grab a coffee and see what we can come up with,

I’ve put some time in to looking for comps that we can do to keep us busy until we hit competition season again, and honestly there is LOADS out there. I’ve shortlisted a couple of online comps, some that are just online, some that are qualifiers for exotic locations and some that are for bigger comps that we won’t qualify for, but still good to use as a measure. We’ve done a lot of team stuff in previous years, I’d like to suggest looking at some individual comps this year too.

I’ll build these in to a schedule and we can as a group decide which ones would be fun to do, whilst still making sense.

Here is what I’ve come up with in terms of a broad timeline for the 19/20 season. All of which is subject to change as a lot of events haven’t released information, so dates are not confirmed, and other events are likely to pop up.

March – Finish out the 2019 open
April – Deload for a few weeks, start off season with a testing week
May – Off season
June – Finish up off season, and begin looking at online comps
July – Start of new season
August – Ramp up in season
September – Still in season
October – Comp season starts, qualifiers and second Open of 2019
November – BoE + potentially another comp in the region
December – Elfit (heard it’s a shit show but let’s keep options open, team and indie)
January – WOD mayhem, Bahrain, I don’t believe these have qualifiers, Indie comp
February – Altitude, unless something else comps up, get medical insurance sorted prior to event.

Off season.

This is where I need your trust.
None of you are idiots, well most of you (I’m kidding), so I assume you understand you can’t keep training at full send all year round. When you train hard in preparation for a competition and ramp up your intensity and volume the risk of injury and blowing up are heightened. I’m sure you see what would happen if you kept training at the same gear year-round?

So, I’m suggesting we take a bit of an off season. Ride out the Open, finish March strong, have a week or two of easy training and recovering, hit a testing week and then get really serious about destroying some weaknesses. Use a 6-8 week window whilst the competition calendar is quiet and focus on getting strong / fast / gymnasty (insert generic training goal) as fuck!

 I’m working on putting together a fairly sophisticated off season that can be tailored to your goals, and eliminating your weaknesses, whilst being able to train together, and have fun doing so. I’m excited about it for myself as well as you guys, it’s a good opportunity to build on experiences from the past season and to set the attitude for the coming season.

 Give me 2 months of solid training and you’ll walk out ready to crush the rest of the year.

 This message is disclaimery, because I need your buy in. I’m asking for your trust, because training will look differently, we won’t be doing loads of CrossFit and we won’t be doing loads of smash yourself in to the ground training during this period. Don’t misunderstand me, training will be far from easy, it’ll just look different from what you’d expect “CrossFit” to look like.

 What you should expect from a competitive CrossFit off season.

-       Lots of isolated strength work

-       Loads of hard / long endurance intervals

-       Plenty of gymnastic skill work

-       Time to improve and develop better movement, with the scope to more resilient

-       Plenty of strongman

-       Loads of recovery work

-       More time for mobility and movement work

 We’re still trying to be as good at working out as possible, and the plan I’ve come up with is built around doing exactly that.

We’ve made some amazing progress in the last 12 months, I hope you all see it yourselves. I’m really looking forward to kicking off this new season.

If you would like to sit down with me and discuss any of this, and get some guidance on setting targets for the season, you know where to find me.



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