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What is CrossFit?
CrossFit is a popular fitness program incorporating elements from several different sports and types of exercises – gymnastics, weightlifting and cardio (running, rowing, skipping etc).


What are the benefits?
It will help you to get fitter and stronger, to build muscle mass, and to learn new skills.


Who is it suitable for?
INTERMEDIATE to ADVANCED. Because some of the movements can be technical, it is great for people who have a good base level of fitness, and who have exercised before. For beginners who are interested, we are really happy to discuss getting you started!

If you are goal-orientated and enjoy the challenge of learning and conquering new skills and increasing your numbers, this class is for you! Be careful though, because once you start you will get hooked (and we won’t take responsibility for you becoming that “annoying gym friend” who only talks about CrossFit)!