Head Honcho

If you gave Craig the mic, he'd tell you how good he is on his BBQ, that there are 17 species of penguins and that, yes, they do have knees. You'd be subjected to seeing too many photos of his cat, Tilly, and may be interested to learn that he jumped in the MMA ring a few times a few years back (he's since been banned by his wife). He'd talk about his collection of coffee makers because he loves coffee, and would confess that he’s able to identify any lyric from any Eminem song (let’s hope you're not in a karaoke bar).

If you didn’t take the mic from him, he would definitely proceed to chew your ear off about energy systems and program design.

First Lady

Recently, Emily stumbled across her bucket list from 2005 (this is a true story by the way). Although she has ticked off a few things: sleep in a treehouse, see Mountain Gorillas, do volunteer work, and visit her Dad in Afghanistan...she still has lots to do: run a Marathon (she did question what she was thinking at the time), build a house with a library and lots of windows, see the Northern Lights from Alaska, and write a book. 

Get into a convo with her, and she will ask what’s on your Bucket List, and most likely make Friends references about 28 times (if watching the whole show was the equivalent to one marathon, she could tick her bucket list off THREE times!)

Option 3_Adam (1).jpg


As soon as you see Adam, you think “woah, he is big”. And you wouldn’t be wrong; he’s 6’6” and 110kg; that’s the same size as the Colossus (fancy word for big) Penguin, which lived on Antarctica 40Mill years ago! (we know a lot about penguins). You won’t be surprised to find out that he drives a big pickup truck, has a big appetite for burgers and cheesecakes, lifts big weights and is a big fan of rowing. You may be surprised to know that he has a degree in Film Production and is an undefeated amateur boxer. 

Adam wants to run and row a marathon and, because we are a supportive bunch, we will hold him to that.