At BASE 3, we believe that looking after our health is the most important thing we can do. By doing so, we give ourselves the best possible base upon which to support everything else - looking after our families and our overall well-being, performing our daily tasks, maintaining good movement and preventing injuries, and prolonging quality of life.

 The wider and stronger the base, the higher and stronger our pyramid. Our life pyramid, to be exact (we love our metaphors).

 The World Health Organisation defines health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. We like this, as it gives credit to how dynamic and multidimensional human beings are, and reminds us that we must treat our community accordingly whilst working to uphold our mission.



 Our mission is to help our members build a strong base of good health by promoting our 3 core pillars.

 1.     Lifestyle: the way in which we live. It includes not only exercise but also our habits, hobbies and jobs, and how we eat, sleep and destress. We want to teach our members to make better daily decisions, so that they feel energised and awesome.

 2.     Fitness: being in good physical shape. We want our members to be able to cope with their daily demands/activities, to achieve their fitness goals, and to move well to avoid injury. And, we want them to enjoy themselves so much that exercise becomes a part of their lifestyle!

 3.     Community: a group of people who share common interests. We want our members to be amongst a friendly and supportive community who enjoy a laugh and a good challenge, and who encourage each other to be fitter, stronger, healthier.



 1.      Connect. Foster open and genuine relationships with others, communicate effectively, empathise fully.

2.      Contribute. Add something to the world; assist others, give your time, share your talent.

3.      Challenge. Push your boundaries; settling for comfortable is such a waste of potential.

4.      Enjoy. Find what makes life fun and do more of it.

5.      Learn and grow. Always pursue personal development and remain open-minded; explore, reflect, improve.

6.      Be active. Appreciate that your body was incredibly designed for movement and adventure; if you are able, make the most of it.

7.      Prioritise yourself. Proudly take care of your health, your fitness, your mindset.